We are professional consultancy business that specializes in Occupational Health & Safety Services. Our team of qualified Safety Advisors with years of experience and is expert in all safety system audits and works. We assess potential risks and provide clear recommendations to the client based on our professional experience, while adhering to legislation and guidelines. Our foundation of professionalism and exceptional customer service enables us to provide fast, reliable, and accurate project deliverables for every job.

A member of the 1Group, 1Safety goal is to provide clients with professional, comprehensive advice and assistance on their business Health and Safety requirements and training needs.

Ours is a team with a reputation for excellence, guided by a keen commitment to assess and recommend the best course of action to get your business fully compliant with the Occupational Health and Safe

THE RESULT? A well-trained positive, competent and compliant workforce that can take your business forward – SAFELY!

However, the Occupational Health and Safety Act 85 of 1993 applies to all companies and workers. For this reason, a well-established and proactive health and safety training program can reduce hazards and risks for employees and the employer.

Compliance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act 85 of 1993 mitigates the danger of facing potential penalties and criminal responsibility from the Department of Employment and Labour for non-compliance. One of the most tedious exercises in which an employer can participate relates to finding the right Health and Safety Training provider that offers comprehensive Health and Safety Courses across industries in South Africa.


As specialists in what we do, we are committed to assisting stakeholders and clients to meet the following objectives:

  • Develop, implement and maintain a system for the effective management of Health, Safety, Environment, Hygiene and Training to drive continuous improvement.
  • Provide the necessary resources, training, equipment and support to ensure compliance with environmental impact policies and standards.


To understand the positive impact that OHS Training can bring for the organisation, the following can be considered despite the size of the company or its nature of business:

  • The provision of OHS training is mandatory for companies in South Africa. Non-compliance can result in penalties, fines, and even imprisonment, which involves costs that are far greater than the costs involved with providing training.
  • It is best practice and forms part of safe working methods and procedures.
  • It provides companies in South Africa additional points towards their OHS and skills development of employees.
  • It gives the employer peace of mind because occupational health and safety training makes employees more aware of the hazards and risks in the workplace, leading to the minimization of these risks and the reduction of incidents.
  • OHS training is a requirement for companies to obtain tenders.
  • It ensures increased productivity and skill development because employees can be taught in their language, which will ensure that quality work is ensured. It also boosts the overall efficiency of employees, translating to less time spent on mistake resolution.
  • Cost reduction because fewer work-related injuries and accidents occur, helping the employer save on Injury On Duty (IOD) claims, illness, death, damage to property, staff turnover, and many others.



Health and Safety Training offers employees the following benefits:

  • A sense of responsibility because employees feel a duty of care towards themselves and others who work around them, leading to employees aiming to achieve the highest level of safety in the workplace.
  • It can help employees clearly define their roles and responsibilities
  • It boosts productivity and morale; it also instils trust and confidence in the employer

We are focused on providing our clients with advice and assistance on their Health and Safety requirements for their business and all training needs as required by the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

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We know that business is all about people and that's why we make sure that yours is in the safest possible hands. Our passion makes workplaces safer. Regardless of your workplace health and safety challenges, whether once-off advice or a full range of services, we'll assess your needs, evaluate options and develop solutions.

  • Develop, implement and maintain systems for Safety, Health & Environmental that are consistent with Legislative standards
  • Identify, evaluate and manage risks to employees, visitors and contractors to achieve industry leading practices.
  • Meet and where appropriate, exceed applicable legal and other requirements.
  • Train and develop your people and provide resources to meet our targets which include reducing and preventing harm.
  • Support the fundamental human rights of employees and contractors and also respect the traditional rights of indigenous peoples.
  • Care for the environment and value cultural heritage.